RuleML+RR 2019

3rd International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning

16-19 September 2019 - Bolzano, Italy

Accepted papers - Main Track


Full papers

Martin Ledvinka, Petr Kremen Formalizing Object-ontological Mapping Using F-logic Rahul Krishnamurthy, Michael Hsiao EASE: Enabling Hardware Assertion Synthesis from English Despoina Trivela, Giorgos Stoilos, Vasilis Vassalos Query Rewriting for DL Ontologies under the ICAR semantics Stefan Borgwardt, Walter Forkel, Alisa Kovtunova Finding New Diamonds: Temporal Minimal-World Query Answering over Sparse ABoxes Friedrich Michel, Anni-Yasmin Turhan, Benjamin Zarrieß Efficient TBox Reasoning with Value Restrictions--Introducing the Flower Reasoner Carmine Dodaro, Giuseppe Galatà, Muhammad Kamran Khan, Marco Maratea, Ivan Porro An ASP-based Solution for Operating Room Scheduling with Beds Management Loris Bozzato, Thomas Eiter, Luciano Serafini Reasoning on DL-Lite_R with Defeasibility in ASP Fangfang Liu, Jia-Huai You Alternating Fixpoint Operator for Hybrid MKNF Knowledge Bases as an Approximator of AFT Marina De Vos, Sabrina Kirrane, Julian Padget, Ken Satoh ODRL policy modelling and compliance checking Marjolein Deryck, Theodoros Mitsikas, Sofia Almpani, Petros Stefaneas, Panayiotis Frangos, Iakovos Ouranos, Harold Boley, Joost Vennekens Aligning, Interoperating, and Co-executing Air Traffic Control Rules Across PSOA RuleML and IDP

Short papers

Olivier Rodriguez, Reza Akbarinia, Federico Ulliana Querying Key-Value Stores Under Single-Key Constraints: Rewriting and Parallelization Marjolein Deryck, Bram Aerts, Joost Vennekens Adding Constraint Tables to the DMN Standard: Preliminary Results Federico Bianchi, Matteo Palmonari, Pascal Hitzler, Luciano Serafini Complementing Logical Reasoning with Sub-Symbolic Commonsense Davide Liga, Monica Palmirani Detecting "Slippery Slope" and other argumentative stances of opposition using Tree Kernels in monologic discourse Gines Moreno, Jesús Pérez and José Antonio Riaza Valverde Fuzzy Logic Programming for Tuning Neural Networks